Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Love Birthday Presents!

Well who doesn't really,

My Brother and sister both made some very nice things, on which they both worked very hard,
Made by My Sister, I was going to buy this from her for $15 and was surprised she gave it to me, the picture doesn't really do it justice, it is very delicate and sophisticated looking.

Made By My Little Brother to add to my Key chain collection, he knows I love Green!

Mom and Dad bought this for me in Pere Marquette IL where we just went for Vacation,
and Pretty Soon I will get a Photography Studio in the Mail

And with Money From Grandma and Grandpa I went to Target Yesterday and bought a Video Drone Quadcopter called the "Sky Viper"

it's lots of fun but I'm still learning how to fly it, it takes a lot of patience, I can't wait to try it in a field.

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