Sunday, October 18, 2015

Super Pumped!

So I am really really looking forward to work this week! I'm enjoying my new job as a Nanny, and it sure makes time fly fast...not like it isn't going by fast anyway, BUT sometimes the smallest things excite me, and time flies even faster when you are kept busy.

My family is heading on a mini vacation next week to Pere Marquette Illinois, a place I've been to a million times and barely 30 minutes across the state, yet somehow it still holds new adventures each time, especially during the fall, the colors are so beautiful and when the Sun reflects off the river behind the lodge,  I love to sit on the boat dock and feel the wind and hear the water rush as it ripples towards the shore, the beautiful bike trail surrounded by colorful tree's and the hike into the woods.

a view of the bike/ walking trail

Well now I need to plan and pack (yes I pack way to early) and I can't wait to take my own pictures and share , but for now I will just let you imagine while I go for the night and prepare for work in the morning.

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