Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not Much going on the last few days

At least not much worth blogging about, but I have to keep up my blogging otherwise I stop again.

Yesterday and today I was working at the daycare so very little time to write or share anything interesting, but working with kids has it's Pro's and Cons, let me list them for you to give you a better idea of what I mean

Watching the children learn and grow in each stage from infant to preschooler.
Listening to the kids say funny things.
Playing with them
Cute craft idea's

Babies routine eat, sleep, dirty diaper.
Loud pitched little voices 
Never ending "Why's"
Biter's and hitter's
More chances of getting sick
and Did I Mention Dirty Diapers! ugh I had an endless amount of those today, can you tell!

I will mention one funny thing I got out of today,  I was with the toddlers today and we took them outside to play, they have their own mini playground away from the bigger kids just separated by a fence, and one of the bigger boys came up to see his little brother, when he saw me he said 

"Who did you turn into today Miss Hannah?"

the kids know that when I'm there as a substitute someone else is not, and they are used to hearing some of the teachers ask me who I am covering for, I just thought it was cute the way he asked and how serious he was.

Well there is my post of the day, not a award winning article, but just a view into my worklife,
I only wish I had pictures to go with it, but no time for that at work.

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Arlene said...

Hi Hannah,

See = you still have a follower!!!

Cute story and you do have a way with words.