Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pattern Play HomeWork Day 3

I'm Finally Catching up with my class but I have to post each card seprately, so I can link back to each individual card I post in the class, So here is what I did for day 3!

we were to find a way to make cards/projects with hard to use patterned papers, such as very bold and large designs, and because I'm a chicken I don't really keep those kind of papers in stock, but I did have some rather large patterns to work with so here it is. Nothing special really I just chose 2 papers a large floral and a zigzagggy brown, the floral was double sided so when I cut the strips I just flipped 2 pieces over and adhered them all to my brown card base, after that I selected a large pink ribbon, which I have been avoiding for too long, punched out a little butterfly and dipped it in sticky versa mark ink, to emboss it with gold powder, and I did about 4 times to get a really hard almost metal like embellishment, and I alot of times like to leave the sentiment out so the card can be used for whatever purpose, but since I need to make a bunch of friendship cards I will put the sentiment on the inside.

the only thing in my material list today is the paper basically which is from EK sucess I believe and the line is called Lifes Journey.

Before I go and leave you all to your lovely weekends, I just wanted to let you all know I changed some things on my blog. I made commenting only open to google users, and if I did it right I set it to where I have to allow the comment before it shows up on my blog.
This is all due to lots of spam I have been getting lately, though the comments they leave are often nice, I think it's just a cut and paste to look good, and then they leave a link, which I dodn't want to even try to look at.

Anyway Thanks for Stopping in I will have a couple other posts today for all the cards I got done for class, which I will come back and link to once I get them all up.


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