Wednesday, September 30, 2009

These Happy (busy) Day's

I find that my blog title isn't living up to it's name; as I don't often talk about fascinating things, doing my Saturday Sketch is about as far as I get...but I think now that Autumn has finally come I can do a little better at this blogging. To me Fall (or Autumn) is a fascination in it self, it's so beautiful to watch all the leaves on the tree's change from green into bright beautiful colors and when they begin to fall and cover the lawn's, THAT is when the Fun Begins! a leaf slide is the coolest thing! and if you're interested read on, My Brother and I would rake ours and the neighbors lawn and pile it up on the hill on the side of the house then after about a week of raking we would get a pile about 5ft wide and 4 or more feet tall then we would take a running leap onto the pile and slide all the way down....the hill, just like it was snow! Now back to reality and everyday busy life; this is what has been keeping me from blogging; first off there is School then there is baby sitting, then lunch then lawn mowing if any is needed, and after that dinner and dish washing following soon after, then it's tv time(if anything good is on) and then bedtime, only to wake up and repeat the process. Not to mention there is so much going on this week for me, there is getting my new sketch together for Saturday, make 10 ATC's for the Hero Art's swap(you can read about it here) and then Grandma has requested me to make her a set of cards. As busy as this sounds and even though I sometimes Grumble I find in the end doing the work gives you a good feeling in many way's, I know when I just sit around I get tired and peevish just for the fact I didn't do anything ! I am having fun with the ATC's though I've only made 2 so far I still haven't taken one of the pictures but here is my first ATC

It's also the first time I've used the masking technique which is really quite fun! and would you believe it!( I didn't at first) this card is only 2.5in. x 3.5 inches, it's amazing how much some people can fit on such a tiny piece. Well I hope to be back to post my other ATC tomorrow, so until then .... and Thanks for stopping by.


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Hello, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this blog post.
It was practical. Keep on posting!