Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back........ I think

I have been very inactive lately, in just about everything, for many reasons which I wont be going into detail at the moment, but I would like to throw this out there.....my Dad is really going through hard times. back in the year 2003 he was laid off from a job that was just minutes from home, for 2 years he managed to find odd jobs until he was let go from each one. finally he found a job as a contractor at Monsanto for about 3 months, which has been extended until now,
at the end of this month he will no longer be working, and he has already applied for some but they all so far have rejected him. So we would appreciate some prayer on that.

Okay now onto the good stuff........

I had fun making the sketch for the Challenge between Paula and me, so I thought every Saturday I would post one here for any to use. And while I have been absent I recieved 2 blog awards that I must pass on, not being much of a blog reader(except when there's giveaways :0) I have been unable to decide who I'm giving it too, so if you want to see one of these awards on your blog please leave a comment about the greatest moment in your life with a link to your blog and I will choose 3 winners for each award.

This award was given to me By Deborah.

and this one was Given to me by Paula.

I believe you all know the blog award rules, but I will list them just in case,

copy the award to your blog and pass it on linking to the one who gave it to you and links to whom you decide to give it.

Don't forget to stop by Saturday to use my sketch.

Hannah aka Jorgaunna


paula said...

HI Hannah, I'm glad to see you are still around :). I will certainly be thinking of you & your family, wishing your dad all the best for a new job (long lasting & fun). Take care xoxoxoxo

jaemom said...

Hi, Hannah! Thanks for the update, so sorry to hear about the tough times for your dad and your family. I'll pray for you all, work for your dad, and encouragement for his spirit.

Linda aka Oz said...

Hey Hannah, welcome back. I will be checking in for the sketches. Sounds fun. My prayers to your family. It will all work out, keep the faith. Oz

judy said...

Hi Hannah, my thoughts and prayers will be with
you and your family. These are definitely tough
times for many--hope it will be better soon!!

Monika Reeck said...

Hallo Hannah..My Prayers to your family too dear...I hope it will be more better....keep the faith agree with Linda...I will checking your sketches too....hugs, Monika