Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Story, My Thank's and, My Gift

Last Year in September, I was searching for a good quality stamp store when I came across a catalog with a Hero Arts advertisement, I immediately went online here and joined the club, not really knowing what it really was, and one day I found out that there were weekly challenges which led me Here to Flickr. Once there I made two cards and uploaded them, only to see that my new found talent was really nothing, but I soon made friends from all over the world and as I watched I got better. Well since that time much has happened, I have conversed with several talented Ladies. One lady by the name of Paula from the country of Australia had kindly offered to send me some pre stamped images to see if I liked them. Not 2 days later I received an email from another lady by the name of Kathy offering what I thought the same as Paula, but she sent me stamps, paper, glitter, and ribbon's. When I received their generous gifts, I posted a Public Thanks and someone suggested we challenge each other, Both of us(Paula and I) liked the idea and I was asked to set it up, so I created a sketch and chose the stamp we would use, then I secured 2 judges Linda, also known as Oz, and Deborah. The Challenge is now over and Gifts were donated By Judy from Alabama, of which I just received. So with all that I would like to Thank the following in no particular order :

Paula for sending me the pre stamped images,accepting the challenge and giving nice comments on my cards before, after, and between the challenge.

Kathy, for sending me her generous gift, of various stamping materials.

Linda aka Oz for being the judge for my challenge, and sharing her thoughts about my cards and giving me tips on how to better myself, as well as also sending me a box of paper and ink so I could do a scrap page of my little sister.

Deborah for giving her comments as a judge and giving me a blog award.(which I have not put up yet)

Judy for donating the prizes and giving supporting comments.

Having said all that, I have created an award that I want to give, blog or not: ) its not made real good but it's the best I could do.

Here is how it works, if you do not have a blog just post this in your photo stream on flickr, you do not have to pass this on unless you want to. But when this is passed on please link back to the person who gave it to you and link to each person to whom you give this award.

I would now like to award:

Paula you can also see her photostream here

Deborah you can also see her photostream here
Thank You Ladies!


jaemom said...

Oh, Hannah, you are such a sweet thing! Love the award you created, it's very fitting for all these ladies. I think I speak for many women from the HA pool when I say that we are so proud of your interest in stamping, desire to improve (we all need that!), creativity and maturity. I love that you came up with this head-to-head stamp-off! Hugs to you. - Patty

Kelly Booth said...

How Sweet Glad you and Paula Had Fun! Hero Arts is a Wonderful Group...Glad you joined!

bowthingys said...

Hannah, Thank you so very much. I will post it with pride. Linda aka Oz

Anonymous said...

So happy that you share your stamping journey with all of us. What a joy to see your creations. Way to go, Hannah!
from Virginia Lu
PS: I tried to use the ID, but it won't let me I used Anonymos

Deborah (aka Gigi 001) said...

Hannah, you are a blessing to all who know you. Thank you for sharing your sweet goodness with all of us.

Paula said...

Hello Missy Hannah,

What a lovely thing to do. I am most honoured to be recieving this award from you. I din't expect anything like this & will treasure it always. I would like to say that I think you are a wonderful person & I'm glad to know you. Take care xoxoxoxo

paula said...

Hi Hannah I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for an award over on my blog. Take care xoxoxo