Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Random catch up post

Oh boy I have done it again! I have been so busy I haven't made the time to post anything.
I haven't had a whole lot of time for crafting either, and as much as I miss doing it so often I feel like I'm getting alot done. 
Work has been very busy, which I'm very thankful for, especially being a substitute teacher, you'd think I wouldn't work so much, but where I work everyone seems to just feel like taking a day off, of course I don't mind because that's more on my paycheck : ) which means more craft supplies (hehe).
And here at home we are enjoying the constant weather changes (NOT) here in St Louis you never know what you'll wake up too! some days it's 60 degrees and others it's snowing, I had the sniffles for 3 weeks, and am finally starting to feel better, but hey it's not all that bad that's just a minor complaint on my part.
We are all so Excited Spring is almost here, for me that means mowing lawns, which I find very relaxing as long as it isn't my yard, lol! and Archery one of my favorite outdoor pastimes.

Things are going well over at our DCD Challenge blog, and I'm really having fun being a part of it, though I need to get back on schedule with that. "Note to self: Continue keeping up with the DCD blog as well as own".  If you have never heard of the DCD Challenge blog (Die Cut Diva's) you have to check it out! If you own a die cutting machine this is for you, we have monthly themed challenges with sponsored prizes from your favorite crafting sources. 
This blog is open world wide and run by an Aussie, a New Zealander, a Californian, and a Missourian (me), Did I mention it was world wide!
Go Ahead and check it out Here. This months theme is anything green in honor of St Patricks day and spring.
 I have also uploaded my first (and more than likely last) YouTube video which you can view here.

And I'm so excited to get started on my Pattern Play Class at www.onlinecardclasses.com which started yesterday, they do cost but they really are worth every penny, because after the class is over you have lifetime access to all the pdf's, video's, and the forums.
I'm always late for signing up so I have to pay a bit more and not get the supplies they use in the class, but this time I did and I think it will make the class even more fun, just look at this nice little
(Thank you paycheck ; )

Well I guess I have caught you all up on my latest randomness at home at work and at play,
so I guess I'll see you when I see you because there is no telling when I might pop in again to share some more.

Enjoy your day! {)(-_-)(}

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