Saturday, November 17, 2012

24 hours of Scrambling fun making cards

Hello readers

I'm getting really bad at keeping up my blog, but I keep trying!

Starting yesterday, we put together a weekend of 90 minute Scrambles for 24 hour's straight, over at the Hero Arts Flickr Group, Ava had mentioned it would be nice to 24 hours to play so everyone had a chance, So I thought why not! that would be a blast! Found 12 hostesses and set the date.

There was 12 challenges posted every 2 hours with 90 minutes to play and 30 minutes to break inbetween to comment.

The First Challenge posted by me was to create a card/project using the color green anywhere, whether it was a button, or the card base, the 2nd option was a Friendship card.
These were my example cards

Challenge 2
  Posted by Judy
 Hers was about making Christmas Thankyou's, We also chatted about PJ's and Hot Cocoa : )

Challenge 3
Posted By Rachelle
This challenge was about making get well cards for kids, by this time it was 11:30 am and I couldn't stay awake, so only managed 1 card
I Slept through the next 3 challenges Marcy, Cecilia, and Janet's,
and woke up in time to have 30 minutes of Linda's Challenge
Challenge 7
Posted By Linda
The challenge was to use the Focal Stamp in the background as well.

Challenge 8
Posted by Cat
we were challenged to make a shaped card with no white showing

Challenge 9
Posted by Lucille
Her challenge was to have an animal image but to color it something different then the normal.

By this time my pictures aren't as nice because I didn't take the time, and my cards aren't as nice and I'm only doing one card per challenge.

Challenge 10
Posted by Karen
She asked us to make a Red, Cream, and Gold Card
Didn't do so well here I had a much better idea, but not the time to go through with it.
Challenge 11
Posted By Barb
Barb Challenged us to make a card using 3 different patterned papers

These 2 were super easy and fun to make.
Challenge 12 The Finale
Posted By Janet (2)
Janet did a Great Job with the Finale, She had us use the word Time in a Phrase or to have clock images on the card, she had other options too but those were the main ones : )

I'm going to have to go back and do the ones I missed, for now I am going to rest and then come back later and update the details, on my Projects and comment on everyone elses cards.

Thanks Everyone for Helping me put this fun Challenge together, I had a blast! and my family is glad to have me back out of my "studio" ; ).
Thanks for Stopping by, and Happy Thanksgiving!





paula said...

Hannah what can I say? You did an absolutely amazing job of organising this for everyone. I had a blast I missed 3 challenges. Like you I think I will do them at a later date. All your cards are so beautiful so don't be so hard on yourself. Take care & big huge hugs to you xoxoxo

Laura Jane said...

HANNAH..Thank you so much for setting up this AMAZING SCRAMBLE! I was able to take part in the last three:) Since there was a #1 onthe makes me hope for more in the future...It seemed like a world-wide Pajama party!
Thanks again for ALL your efforts.

Lin said...

Hannah, you did one fantastic job! I can't believe you had the energy left to make cards, too!! Thank you so very much from all of us - it was such a fun time! As someone said at Flickr, it was like our own private World Card Making Day - Bravo, Hannah!