Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Certified!

After signing up for copic class updates a couple months back, I got an email saying the were coming to St. Louis, So I immediately registerd and waited (Very Excitedly) and counted down till today.
I've been wanting to post how excited I was for the upcoming class, but work and household chores got in the way, But I had to write about it today, since it was "The" special day!

It was a wonderful class taught by Lori Craig,  I learned a good deal, and can't wait to play and buy more Copics ; ) the techniques were great and fun! and I wouldn't be surprised if  you found me burried in all the booklets and covered with ink smudges.
For participating I got a cute little technique portfolio to decorate and fill, some Multiliner pens to practice with, and the colorless blender and refill in a cute little zipper pouch, and of course books and a color chart.  I haven't got my little blinkie yet  but you'll soon be seeing it blinking proudly with all its buddies on the side bar.

Thanks for Stopping by and if you love copics you must consider taking the class!
Copic Certification Classes


Judy1223 said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Hannah! How exciting! I'd love to take that class and get certified, even though I'm just beginning my collection of Copics. I can't wait to see what you do with your new skills and growing collection of Copics! How exciting!

paula said...

Hannah, I'm drooling here! I so wish I could do a Copics certification course. The closest I got was a course on the basics. It was great, so I bet what you have done is fantastic xoxoxoxo