Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Introducing The Scent of Heaven

Hello all.

Today I'd like to share with you a very interesting experience I had this afternoon..... A friend of my Mother's, recently started her own business making perfumes out of essential oils, based on great women of the bible and scriptures she has read.  Now to begin with I am not a fan of perfumes since the strong smells give me nausiating headaches, but a while back Carol Hodge the founder of The Scent of Heaven, brought them by one day to show Mom, and the smells were so fresh and pretty.  So Today I asked to come over and pick one of bottles from her Women Arise Series, and she offered to help me make my own based on the smells that best suited my taste.  So we (my Mom and I) smelled many of her countless essential oils, and took a little test that told her a little bit more what smells I enjoyed most. Till finally we had all our choices to mix together before us. It's amazing how one little drop can change the whole smell completly! According to my test I liked the smell of woods and citrus the best, and indeed it was a lovely smell.  So she gave me one of her Beautiful handpainted bottles and told me to name it, and each time I smell it, I think of all the lovely smells when I take a walk in the woods, Henceforth the name......................................
A Walk in the Woods!

I Highly recommend The Scent of Heaven, (it would make a great gift for Mothers day). And here is a really cool idea for us crafters, you can also use it to make scented cards or stationary!

I hope you go check out here website (linked in this post), her hand painting is gorgeous, and the scents she creates are so sweet.

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Lin said...

How fun, Hannah! Wish we had "smell-o-vision"! I love the sweet presentation of her hand-painted bottles!

susanne said...

The hand painted bottles are so pretty. I love essential oils, they can be relaxing or invigorating and can have health benefits as well. Lavender is one I would never be without. The Scent of Heaven perfumes sounds wonderful!