Friday, May 14, 2010

My Card Making Rules for OWH

Operation write home is an organization of people who make hand made cards for our nations armed forces, to keep in touch with their families.
I have nothing to do with, I'm just a contributing supporter organizing what we like to call, "card making parties" to get other card makers interested in doing something for those in service, as well as pass on the word.
When these cards are made, they are sent to a volunteer shipper who then mails them off to certain bases and/or units.  Upon their arrival the cards are dispersed among the men and women in service, who in turn write a personal note and mail it home to a loved one.

Rules for making Cards for OWH.

1. Absolutely NO glitter on the cards, doing this may get glitter on a soldier's uniform making him or her visible at night and an easy target.

2. All cards must be handmade.

3. Please make all your cards no bigger then 5.5 x 4.25; doing this will fit more in a single box.  If you should choose to make a card larger then the normal size, you are required to send an envelope in which the card fits.
4. If you are mailing your hand made cards to "Me"  you must have your package postmarked no later then the said date as written in your bi-monthly newsletter.
5. If your cards are dark in color please insert a white piece of paper inside for the  troops to write in.
6. Children under 12 are welcome but must be with a supervising adult, and anyone under 12, must please only make thank you for your service cards to be given for the troops to keep.

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