Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Cards for Operation Write Home

I know, I know, I post like once a month, and when I do it's all about OWH.
I had intended to do many post's in between but I wanted the OWH post to stay at the top so no-one would miss it,
But anyway back to the post in regards to Operation Write Home.
First of all I'm extending the shipping date to June 12th 2010, sorry to those of you who rushed your packages out for the previous cut off date, I just decided I would rather send all the cards at once instead of paying double shipping for this month and next.
Why am I saying this? well Next Month on June 12th in fact; I will be holding yet another card making event for OWH, and after talking with the manager I will be able to do this once every other month.

as I said My next event is on June 12th 2010, from 10 am to 4pm.
we will be making generic cards for the soldiers to send home.

supplies will be provided or bring your own.
Directions are HERE
OWH RULES ( a link will be up shortly)
though I am extending the cut off date to ship the challenge will end at the fore said time.

You can attend these events either in person or by mail, and to those of you interested will from now on receive an email announcing these events.
So please email me at to be notified or to have your name removed from the mailing list. I will email those of you who have already participated by mail or in person to start please let me know if you would no longer like to be notified of these events.

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