Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 Awards from 2 Ladies

Paula, and Carrie have both given me these awards below. Butbefore we start I would Love to have you check out their blogs.

This is the Me-Me award where I must share 7 secrets about myself, Anyway Here is 7 crazy things you might like to know about me that I've done throughout the years.

1. at age 4 I wanted to be a ballerina

2. I watched Starwars at a very young age(much to my Mom's dissapointment) and Loved it(to her surprise)I then had her put my hair up in bun braids for the next 3 years.

3. At age 6 I thought that when I grew up I'd like to have 8 kids (yea Wow is right!)

4. At age 8 I got into lego's with my older brother, we played by the hour, setting up armies.

5. At age 12 I became an older sister, the day she was born was the strangest day in my life, I had been the little one for 12 years, and when she did arrive, and we(my brother and I) came to the hospital room to visit our new baby, my Dad greeted us at the door with "Come welcome your new sister" the first thing I said was "Dad don't be mean we know it's a Boy! (my family expected a boy from the beginning)but of course it was a girl and I was wrong.

6. By age 16, I no longer cared for being a ballerina, or having 8 kids, but I slowly become a full blown tomboy, I played shoot em' up computer games, I played football with my Dad and big brother, I love baseball, and biking in the most windy day's down big hills with my hands in the air.

7. I am now 18 and still enjoy doing the things I did at 16 but know I also want to learn fencing(as in sword play) and I love Cardmaking, and I still have my dreamhouse blue prints but instead of starting a ranch in Montanna or Kentucky, I want to move to Colorado.

Wow another award where I have to talk about me? this is hard! hmm... 5 things about me is it?
let's see what I've got.
1. Well, I have a fobia of frisbee's due to being actually knocked out by one
2. I broke my left pinky toe years ago but because I just won't learn and wear shoes around the house it continues to rebrake( or fracture)
3. I have always been interested in Germany or" Duetchland" knowing that my fathers side of the family originally came from there( many many generations ago) and have been studying the language.
4. I love Music, and like just about everything but rap, but Country music is my fave. Especially any music by Tim Mcgraw or Rascal Flatts.
5. I have a horrible gum addiction.
Phewwww! that's enough about me! I wanna here about these 5 Ladies! (yes I am going to cheat and give these 2 away together to 5 people) to whom I'll pass on both of the awards

Ladies if you have already recieved one of these awards, I would love to have you accept the other, but if you do Not want to recieve either I will not be offended whatsoever.
Thanks for stopping by I always appreciate the comments


Virginia L. said...

LOVE knowing more about you, Hannah! Great post! Thanks SO much for the awards and I'm happily accepting it. You can find out more about my "secrets" previously posted on my blog.

Lin said...

Thank you, sweet Hannah! I'd love to accept these awards, though it may be a little while before I can post about them on my blog, and I don't think I could think up 7 + 5 things about myself, so I'll just do one of them! Hugs!

paula said...

Hi Hannah, I found it fun to find out all those things about you :). I agree it's hard to come up with the answers.

Alice Wertz said...

you are an amazing young lady Hannah!! I love reading more about you!!