Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

...Yet having so much fun.
As the holiday season is creeping up behind our backs. I still can't believe it's only 6 days till Thanksgiving and then comes Christmas only a short 29 days later! How can this be? just a few years ago you would have caught me saying the holidays would never come and the year went by to slowly, but that is most definatly not the case now, No Way! I mean I haven't even started card making, and I still have to make ornaments to mail world wide(namely, Australia, Greece, Canada, the Phillipines, Denmark, and several states in the US) before December is out and 2010 is here. I'm scaring myself as I type all this out, I have so much to do! But I can relax tomorrow Thank goodness, we will be at my Aunts house with the rest of the family having our Thanksgiving party, where I am free to just fall over myself in delicious food and laugh and play with my cousins(yes I still play) we usually play tag, or laser tag, but if being outside is not an option we content ourselfs playing games. And my big brother will be home all week!
And next week I'll be helping my Grandma clean her house for our Christmas party and a Baby shower, I don't know why or what it is that makes it more fun to clean someone elses house compared to my room, its all one and the same. yet for some reson I just don't like cleaning at home. Oh well I must stop here for now but hopefully I'll be back soon with details of tomorrows party.
Until then(or later more likely) Have a Great Day.


Nancy said...

Hi Hannah, thanks for your visit to my little blog, it's always fun when someone as sweet as you stops by! I am working on my ornaments, hoping to get them done this weekend....I'm hosting Thanksgiving so I have to clean the house at some point.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
Hugs, Nancy

Carrie said...


I always enjoy reading your blog and just wanted to drop a note that I nominated you for two awards for your blog. Please check my website to see and copy your awards (http:/carriescraftroom.blogspot.ocm) Thanks for all your inspiration!