Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Colorado Trip

Saturday August 8th at 3:30 pm my family and I left the state of Missouri, we drove across 3 states in 16 hours and drove over 900 miles to stay for a week in Estes Park Colorado.
Sunday August 9th
We checked into River Spruce Cottages, our cabin, the Amihami Pueblo was very Comfortable and behind us you could see the Thomson River, a very Pretty view.

Monday August 10th
Everyone recovered from the the long drive, and what do you think!? the owners delivered fresh homemade pastries on our doorstep! and even better, they do it every morning except Sunday. We also went for a hike in the RMNP(Rocky Mountain National Park) the trail we followed took us to a Beautiful Lake called Dream Lake, a very fitting name, the scenery is just Unbelievably Awesome, it's almost unreal! and for diner we ate at the Dunraven Inn.
Tuesday August 11th
We again went for a hike in RMNP and took the Glacier Gorge Trail head to Alberta Fall's, as before the scenery was just Amazing, and the falls were beautiful! to tell you the truth the whole state is Amazing, there is sooo much to take in. We ate at the Wapiti, for dinner the food was way better then we expected,we were all quite satisfied. After that we did a little window Shopping and bought some things at the Ore Cart Rock Shop.
Wednesday August 12th
We drove back into RMNP to go horseback riding, at Moraine Park and Rode: Helga,(Dads Horse) Tex,(Mom & Caleb's) Montego,(Josh's Horse) Freckle's,(mine) and lastly Sarge(Kirsten's Horse) through Beaver Meadow's. It was a long 2 hour ride and though it was very bumpy at times it was quite relaxing, and the surroundings very pretty. Kirsten liked it so much she wanted to go again.

Thursday August 13th
Our trip was slowly coming to an end, only 2 more day's till we left : ( Poor Caleb got a pretty bad cold, but we managed to go out and ride the Aerial Tramway to the top of a cliff, and Kirsten fed peanuts to the ground squirrels, while Caleb thoroughly enjoyed the ride up and down. come dinner time we headed back to Wapiti's which was even better than the first night, or so I thought.

Friday August 14th
This was our last full day at River Spruce, it rained so there wasn't a whole lot we could do and Kirsten and I Caught Caleb's cold on top of it, but Josh left at 3 am for a 16 mile hike to Longs Peak, the Highest peak in RMNP, this is about a 12 hour hike but it took him 8 hours and he along with 5 others were the only ones to make it to the top out of 60 people.

Saturday August 15th
We packed the van, left our Cabin and ate at Wapiti's one last time. But all in all we had a wonderful time, and hope to go back again someday. Kirsten enjoyed her first horseback ride, as did I though it was my second time, Josh tested his athletic abilities climbing the tallest peak in RMNP, Dad got to relax from work, and Mom thoroughly enjoyed the scenery. I would now like to Thank Grandma and Grandpa for letting us use their van, otherwise we may never have seen the Wonderful Beauties of Colorado.
Journaling and Photography
Hannah Nicole F.
I Strongly recommend Estes Park Colorado for you next Vacation, so if you are interested please check out the Websites below,
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.


Hero said...

What an excellent tour guide you are Han. I have never been there and really loved you sharing all of those goregous pics with me. I am so sorry you all came down with colds. That happens so often on vacations. I am sure it made the long drive home even harder but I am glad you are back. We all missed ya. Oz

fika said...

Woow Hannah.. so happy that you enjoy your trip.. beautiful pics and thanks for sharing your daily journal with us.. :)

gscrapbooks said...

Gorgeous photos! I love Colorado!(I found you from the Hero Arts flickr site on the blog addy roll thread).