Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday Sketch.........a day late!!

Sorry everyone for being late I didnt realize some of you depended on this, lol.

well here is the sketch! what y'all think, a little complicated maybe!

I still havent had a chance to use my own sketches yet but I'm getting there.

Have a Great Day!



Arlene said...

I love your idea of creating sketches. Even if I'm not using it the week this comes out, I'm saving and printing to my sketch book.

Linda aka Oz said...

oh boy, this is gonna be a tough one. Complicated is a good thing...hehe Ok off to the work bench for me. ummmm ribbon and...or maybe fibers....awww the wheels are turning already. L/Oz

Linda aka Oz said...

Ok Hannah, here is my take on this sketch. Hope you like it.

paula said...

Hi Hannah, this sketch looks interesting. I will try to get something done for it this week. Wish me luck ;-P