Friday, October 9, 2015

Pinterest and Drawing

Hey Readers!
I'm doing good! already have my second post up, I think I can do this!

With the help of Pinterest I have improved my drawing capabilities somewhat just following a few guidelines,

 I start out with a pencil sketch, and if it comes out good, I make a copy on heavy cardstock and practice coloring with copics, the drawing on the left, I wasn't trying to draw anyone in particular I was just attempting to draw a boy, for some reason I'm only good at drawing girls, but anyway as I finished the sketch and began to color it I kept thinking to myself hey! this looks like my cousin, so I went around the house and showed the drawing to my family the first thing everyone said was it looks like Myles!
Of course you can still see some flaws in both drawings, and I still need to work on mastering a few things, but so happy to see I'm finally improving.

Well I'm off to my Nanny Job, so I will be back tomorrow with more.


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Judy1223 said...

HI Hannah! What great drawings, you are a very artistic young lady! I love your coloring and the hair on both pics is so cool! Well done!