Friday, November 4, 2011

Get away day 1

Good evening all, I'm back yet again for a while (I Hope) I apologize for such random and inconsistent posting.
  Right now I'm staying at a hotel for a scrapbook getaway!  today being the first of 3!
 Mom took me here last year for my birthday and we really enjoyed it, so I got it as a gift again this year.
As of right now I have been making cards for 9 and a half hours, and so far I have 7 projects done but I don't have my light box set up, with me so I just took a quick group shot, and I will take separate pictures when I return home Sunday evening, and post Monday.

Cya Tomorrow with my Get away day 2 post, Have a Great Weekend!


paula said...

Hi Hannah, It looks like you are having a blast. Is it your birthday? If so Happy Birthday as well. I hope the rest of your getaway is as good as this day was xoxoxoxo

Judy1223 said...

Wow, hannah, happy birthday! What a great way to spend it...your cards are all fabulous, and this was only day one? Can't wait to see what comes next!