Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hero Arts Scramble Challenge #14

Today was the 14th, 90 minute scramble challenge in the Hero Arts flickr group, hosted by our Hero hostess Sally Sherfield. For her challenge she gave 2 options; 1. making a wedding/celebrate card...or 2. use the colors red white and blue.
Originally I just did the first one but while in the middle of typing this post I stopped to make the second, really fast. 8~)
This challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to make my Grandparents 50th Anniversary coming up hopefully she doesn't find this card on flickr I found out she goes there to look at my cards occasionally.

This second card was just for fun and not to ruin my reputation for making more then one card per challenge. ; )

Thanks for stopping by!

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paula said...

Hannah both of these cards are amazing. I love the softness of the first card & your red/white & blue card is absolutely amazing! I will email you about the second one in a bit xoxoxoxoxo