Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday night's scramble winner!

Hey Everyone,
A week ago today I had a 90  minute scramble on my blog and it all went pretty well,  there was 3 awesome entries, (see here) unfortunatley during the process I was un-able to finish due to a natural disaster in the back yard (see post here) but enough of that, its time to announce our winner!!!!
Ladies Please Welcome Paula!!!!!!!!!
To introduce her I asked a few questions to get to know her a little more, her answers are in italics.
1.Tell us(the readers and I) a little bit about you.
  Hmm ok I'm a S.A.H.M. to two pint-sized terrorists, er I meant girls, a long suffering (if you ask him) dh & am owned by two goldfish & one strange cat. I live on the Sunshine Coast (which isn't so sunny of late) in South East Queensland Australia. Where I've lived for the past 22 years (yikes has it been that long!). I have a love for handmade crafts, of any kind & dabble in a few different hobbies.
I've heard of this strange cat before, I hope she isn't still bringing deady animals to your door!
2. When did you first start cardmaking/scrapbooking?
  I started scrapping first & like most Mums when Em was born, 5 years ago. It was a kind of therapy for me as I was suffering PND (Post Natal Depression) . I then fell into cardmaking as a way to use up all those "leftovers" scraps of paper & embelies about a year later. So as you can guess I'm kinda swamped with scraps at the moment.
Sorry to hear about that Paula, but am sure happy to have you in the "card making communities"
3. Which do you prefer digital images or the good ol' rubber stamp
  Well if you had of asked me this question about four months ago, I'd definately say rubber any day of the week. But since taking the plunge into the world of digital images, it's a toss up. I still mostly work with rubber stamps, but do like use some digital images from time to time. I think that to be honest I'm always going to like using the rubber stamps more, but wont rule out a digi image or two.
Well said and I totally agree!
4. how do you go about making most of your cards? do you browse blogs and flickr for inspiration,
use sketches, or come up with most of your own ideas?
  I use a combination of all of the above. I tend to use a lot of sketch based challenges as my starting point, then see what happens after that. Sometimes I follow the sketch faithfully & then other times it's like what the? as my card looks nothing like the sketch. I also use other cards as my starting points as there maybe something I like about them.
5. Do you have another favorite hobby?
  Actually I have two, my first love is patchwork & quilting. So I use to make a few quilts (pre kids), now a days I am making "Mermaid Tails" (for Em's party). I also knit (badly) & am trying to knit my self a cardigan at the moment. I'm also making a scarf out of feathers "wool".
If you can knit it can't be badly, I can barely crohquet!
You can find Paula's wonderful cards in her flickr photstream or read her stories and crafty input on her personal blog and she is also a fellow Moderator/hostess, for the Die cut Diva's blog and flickr group!
Thanks for playing along Paula it was fun!


paula said...

Hi Hannah :D,

Thanks so much for hosting this challenge despite what happened to you :(. Hoping the weather has settled down some. I had a great time playing along xoxoxoxo

Judy1223 said...

Congratulations, Paula! I love your card and I loved getting to know more about you in your interview. Thanks, did an awesome job here! Looking forward to future challenges!

Sharon D from Canada said...

Congrats to Paula! Fun interview too!
I really hope I'll be able to play along with your next scramble, Hannah!

Arlene said...

Fantastic interview and fun gorgeous card!

Hannah, Thanks for hosting the scramble too - it was fun!