Tuesday, April 19, 2011

90 Minute Scramble challenge on my blog, coming soon.

Hello Everyone,

I will be doing a 90 minute Scramble Challenge, Here on My blog, this Friday on the 22nd at 8:30pm CST, see the time and date converter for different time zones.  It is not required that you become a follower, but may come in handy to find out when the next challenge is, and I of course would love to have you.  There will be no prize, but I will randomly pick a winner, who will then be put in the spotlight the following day.
I'm going to try to do this challenge about once a month, at different times so wherever you are in the world you might get a chance to play.

If you've never done a Scramble before here is how it works;
Make a card based on the theme given at the start of the challenge, upload it then link it here on my blog, within the time limit. you will first upload it to flickr (dont worry about adding details till you've linked it here) and tag it with whatever I give you during the challenge. then link it using inlinkz on the challenge post.
I suggest opening 2 tabs for this, one of my blog and the other of flickr, so you can easily access both places quickly.

Hope some of you can join!
Have a great week.


MarcyK924 said...

See ya Friday!!

Kimba's Kreations said...

Hey there Hannah....
I just used the Time Converter and want to make sure that I have the time correct. I am in New York City, which according to the Time Coverter....I am just 1 hour AHEAD of you...so the Scramble would start...for ME at 9:30pm...is this correct? If so...I will see ya on Friday!


Hannah. F said...

Hey Kimba, I replied to you via flickr mail earlier but thought I should post here too just incase. That is correct! Can't wait to see the cards popping up on my blog tomorrow night 8~)

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

And.. I think I am 6:30 pm over in Oregon!!!! Hope to play along!!!

Arlene said...

I think it's 6:30 here in California too. Angelina is out, but I'm ready to do a scramble... it might be eggs, but they won't be rotten.... hehehe

jintyoo7 said...

I'm here, ready and waiting :o)

Hannah. F said...

It is up! just to let you all know we were hit by a tornado, and it touched down in our backyard, everyone is ok, but there is lots of tree damage. Electricity is out but the generator is up.