Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scramble Time!

Today was a 90 minute scramble challenge over on flickr, and the challenge this time was to create a frame. Sounds easy enough I know, but when you are being timed it can really make you frantic, and loose your train of thought, I failed twice and had to start over! Finally it hit me, just use the positive and negative of my die to create a frame for 2 cards! So I made it with a half hour to spare Phew!
Here are the 2 results

Some of you have asked how I can manage to make more then a single card during these challenges.
Well it is simple really, I just keep the cards as simple as possible depending on the challenge, usually just making a plain white card or one layer if I can. But believe me its always quite frantic, and not always that easy to do so.

Thanks for stopping by!


Dawn said...

these are so lovely Hannah. Clever to use the positive and negative bits....

Rina Damay said...

Hi Hannah,

Beautiful cards.. Love all..
Anyway, thank you for playing to get prizes. Hope you win.

Good Luck,

Rina Damay

Judy1223 said...

Hi, Hannah! These cards are fabulous! I think another reason you can make two cards in a short period of time is that you are TALENTED! I think some of the most beautiful cards are simple, elegant and the cards you made here.