Friday, March 26, 2010

Sending and Recieving is Ohh So Pleasing

Minus the fact that it was last week and I never took the time to post about it.... But anyhow, I had participated in Deborah's March Card Chain Challenge where you send and recieve cards from around the world using a card sketch or color scheme. My card (or cards I should say because I sent her 2) was mailed to Jo in the UK, You can see her blog and the cards I sent her, HERE.
In the meantime I also recieved, this Beautiful card from Elise (a fellow participant) just 15 years old

this picture doesn't really do it justice, but I got tired of all the retakes (lol sorry) you can view Elise's Photostream on flickr HERE to see more of here Beautiful work.

Deborah has the challenge every month and sign ups are now open for April, Check it out HERE

I'd also Like to add that my give away for the card drive closes Sunday so if you participated don't forget to link to the cards you sent on Mr linky and I will announce the Winner on Monday Afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by and have an Awesome weekend!



Alice Wertz said...

very sweet card from Elise! hope i get to play this time! just saw your cards at Jo's blog. They are so cute!

Anne said...

Hi, Hannah! Wonderful card from Elise! Best wishes for a Big Finish for your card drive! :-)

Dotty Jo said...

Thanks for your cards hun, really loved them both!!!! Jo x