Friday, January 15, 2010

The Last of the Stash for the Oz vs Hannah Challenge

Yes I did it! I finished my stash from Deborah's blog morsel! this was so Wonderful in so many different way's. First of all I have many buttons, ribbons and patterned paper that have sat in my room untouched. Yet I have finished all of Deborah's color co ordinating stash from her blog morsel reward in only 2 weeks, while my own things sit idle. Now off to show the works.........

Life Is A Journey Through Time

This little clock has it's own little story, I was sitting there trying to make a card with all the circles I cut out and nothing would go together, as I looked around I saw my Hero Arts acrylic clock set and tried putting that on the card. Suddenly the Idea came to me to make my own clock using one of the patterned paper circles, a brad, a twisty tie and a button. How some people can get their inspiration is fascinating!

Memories Last Forever

This here is an album cover I made, and now that I have it up and posted I realized that my "plus 1 butterfly is missing. Lol so this one isn't finished yet.

This card here is a scrapling using up the last bits of paper,

with nothing more than an added touch of a brown ginham ribbon

Simply Stylish

for this one I stamped the card base with my Hero Arts horizontal cling stamp CG143, a paper scrap, my last bit of ribbon (from the stash) and the last of the 3 buttons.

Super Awesome

Here I just used the stickers the best way I could, really not a whole lot to it.

I Love You ( in my own horrible handwritting)

I just Loved coloring this couple in with my Copic's

Another Scrapling
Just another scrapling with a green ribbon
Left over Stickers and paper pieces

That's all this is and not much more 8 )

Itty Bitty Card

here I used one of my die cut tags, some of the ribbon and stamped the blue backround piece with my Hero Arts design block Lace backround S5431 (the butterfly stamp is just to compare the size)

U Rock
a Complete failure but since I used one of the papers I thought I'd show it and count it as one of the others.

A Notebook Label

Here I used the remaining stickers ans pieces of the plaid paper I stamped the Blue piece with my horizontal lines CG143 in versa mark.

This my Friends is the last of my Stash from Deborah, I made a total 0f 17 things!( I say "things" because not all are cards) that is the most I have Ever done within 2 weeks, I dont think I'll be beating the record anytime soon.
Thank's so Much Linda for Coming up with this idea, it actually helped me be able to look at my stash and come up with idea's that I never would have thought of before as well as helping me be able to use my own things now.
And Thank's to Deborah for the morsel. She is infact having another blog morsel giveaway, right now and today is the last day so please go to her blog and check it out. here is Linda's blog as

Linda and I will be back with mr linky as soon as we figure out how to use it so
until then Have a Great Weekend!


Arlene said...

Love your cards. Great ideas and execution.

Linda aka Oz said...

Oh my goodness Han, I love what you have done. You are so right about it making us look at our own stash differently. I even used the manila mailing envelope they came in... hehe Love, love LOVE what you have done. The clock is my fav! Huge hugs! Your friend, Oz

paula said...

Hi Hannah :D,
Your creations are amazing, I must admit I too love the clock!! What a fantastic idea, isn't it wonderful where we get our inspiration from. I bet you had a blast with this challenge. I can't wait to see what you come up with out of your own stash xoxoxoxox

Alice Wertz said...

wow! 17 projects!!! you ROCK, Hannah!! LOVE all the projects that you came up with! so fun and creative! I really love how a Hero stamp inspired your to make the clock card! Thanks for sharing! have a beautiful weekend!!

Lin said...

GREAT job, Hannah! Little did Deborah know what she was starting!! It's been so fun watching you and the Oz competing and you've given us all some lessons in using up what we have.

Jill said...

Love all of these creations! I especially love your clock design! I've never seen anything like that before--you're a genius!!