Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amazing things

The Title of my Blog has not yet seemed to live up to its name, but now I think it's time to change that. Since Febuary when I started this blog, I have seen plenty of Fascinating things, from watching my little siblings grow up fast to the magnificent mountions of the rockies. But for now I will stick with the present, otherwise I could go on forever.

For one "fascinating" thing I have never met a more helpful, kind, and giving online group, of Ladies surrounding the entire globe. These wonderful ladies can be found on flickr in the Hero Art's Group.
If you were to ask a question, these ladies always have a helpful answer, if you are down, they will cheer you up, and even go as far as send you stuff to keep, or try out to see if you like it.

Another thing I find "fascinating" is looking "behind" the machinery of things. Ever since I can remember I was always amazed to see how things were built and worked.
Like what the inside of a piano looks like and how all the keys make sounds by hitting certain parts inside the piano.
How a car can drive just by pumping gas that flows throughout pipes under the car.......

And the latest; how a digital camera work's(this being the whole point of this post) Now this is is how I have always seen my camera,

but I have never been able to see HOW or what makes it work, until recently when my Camera Broke, in hopes to possibly fix it I unscrewed the silver cover to see this!
isn't that Awesome! Now I wish I knew how all these tiny parts screwed and welded together could make such high quality pictures that can be download from a computer.

Here is a pic of the cam and it's cover seperated, just so you can see.

I was pretty upset at first that it was no longer operable, but this little guy is still going to stay in my room to decorate it, and to remind me to be more careful with my new Cam. Of which I have been the proud owner for 2 days now, it is the same as the camera above but a better and smaller version.

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paula said...

Hi Hannah, I too wonder how the mechanics of things work. I always find is so fasinating how people come up with this stuff :D

Linda aka Oz said...

I am so glad you got a new one. I fear the day mine gives up. But when it does, I am gonna rip open that puppy just so I can see the insides too! Oz

Hannah. F said...

LOL linda, as interesting as it is I hope you wont have to for quite awhile ; )