Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday's Feature

The Challenge last week was to make a card or scrap page using this, somewhat random Sketch 8 )

and the winning card is...

Made by Susan. Isn't it fantastic!... Here is Susan herself,

and Because her Card was so unique it was a tie between Susan and Suzanne. Here is Suzanne herself and her winning creation.

I Love the bling balls!..... Anyway Please join me as I interview these talented ladies and enjoy.
(questions in bold answers in italics)

Why did you start your cardmaking/scrapbooking as your Hobby?

Sue; I've been stamping on and off for about 16 years. My first experience with it was when I made my own Christmas wrapping paper, witha cheap set of foamie stamps and kraft paper. Everyone loved it and I had so much fun that I started to buy stamps and teach myself how to do it.

Suzz; A good friend of mine is a cardmaker, and she started hosting little classes for me with her Mom. This got me interested and I started stamping cards.

What is your favorite technique? please explain.

Sue; Wow thats hard to say, I'm a technique junkie! I love trying out new ones and playing around to see what I come up with. I really like making my own backround papers using distress inks mixed with embossing, water stamping, Perfect Pearls, alcohol inks.

Suzz; Sponging on colors. I tend to add alot of colors and sponging is a great way to add soft colors.

What is your favorite stamp?
Sue; I don't think I have one favorite stamp, I have a couple that are favorites of the moment and then as new stamps come out my favorites change. Right now I love Hero Arts S5264 antique flower backround. It's so elegant and it can be used for a lot of different situations. I just remembered I do have a favorite stamp that my husband bought me about 13 years ago. It's a monogram stamp of my initials SM that I use to personalize every card I make. It's from a company called Designs by Henry in California.
Isn't this the coolest stamp? I want one!

Suzz; Hmm. I have alot of stamps that I really love. Lately I have been using my antique flower backround from Hero Arts.

What is your favorite crafting tool?

Sue; I would have to say it's a tie between my cuttlebug and embossing heat tool.

Suzz; My detail scissors. I use them to cut out lots of things.
Wow the Antique brocade stamp must be VERY popular!

Who Inspires you and why?

Sue; I'm inspired by other cards from blogs and magizines. Nature is a great inspiration, especially in the changing seasons. I'm also inspired by art and photographs - the colors and designs. Sometimes the smallest and seemingly most isignificant thing can be inspirational like a button, a cookie, a piece of ribbon.

Suzz; There are so many talented artists out there I can't pick just one. I am inspired by colors, techniques, designs, everything. The flickr group for Hero Arts has a variety of styles, techniques and awesome artists to inspire you everyday.
Speaking of the Hero Arts group on Flickr, you can find both ladies wonderful works Here, and Here.

When coloring in an image what is your favorite utensil to use?
Sue; I use a few different things for coloring in images, it depends on the image and my mood.
I use Prismacolors, Lyra Aquacolor Artist Crayons, Loew Cornwell Watercolors, Twinkling H2O's and Sakura Stardust pens. Though overall I'm not much of a colorer, I prefer to use inks to do my coloring or shading.

Suzz; Water color pencils, I'm working on improving my copic skills

Upon making a mistake you... yell, cover it up, trash it or other?

Sue; I do all the above, it depends on the size of the mistake! Okay sometimes there is a few angry words too...... :)

Suzz; I have had a hard time letting go, I will keep working on trying to fix it. Sometimes I end up with my most beautiful cards that way an others it ends up in the scrap pile.

What type of card/page do you make most?

Sue; I mostly make cards and the are they are usually for birthdays. Christmas would be the second most popular. I've tried a few scrapbook pages and haven't had any luck with them.
They are too big and I don't know what to do with the space.

Suzz; Lately my trend is to make cards with no sentiments. I like to stock up on birthday cards.

Thank you Ladies I enjoyed hearing(or reading I should say ) your answers, it's great getting to know some of my fellow artists a little better. Have a Great Day!


Linda aka Oz said...

Fantastic interviews! I love learning more about BOTH of you!
Han, you are one very clever little lady! Your friend Oz

Suzanne C said...

Thanks for highlighting us! Lovely sketches.

Virginia L. said...

LOVE the interview, Hannah! I like both Sue's (whom I had met in person this summer-lucky me!) and Suzzanne's creations . I admire both of them greatly! Congrats , winners!

Susan McRae said...

Thanks so much for featuring us Hannah, it was very sweet of you!

Heather Maria said...

Great interviews Hannah! I always love Sue's and Suzz's creations so it was great to read all about them. Thanks.