Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Feature.

Please Welcome Linda! a Wonderful Artist a Friend and an altogether Great Person.
When I was down she cheered me up, when I needed help she gave me advice, and when she created she inspired me. She was the only one to enter my challenge last week, but I was glad of the chance to get to know here better in an Interview, so I asked her the following questions.
(my questions in bold, her answer in italics)

Why did you start cardmaking/scrapbooking as your hobby?
My baby sister got me into scrapbooking several years back. I have scrapbooked and paper crafted as long as I can Remember but she showed me how the industry had changed and was growing. The card making (as I do it today) was basically a space issue. Although when I was teaching classes, I found it easier to use cards to teach techniques.

What is your favorite techinue? please explain.
Whoa, I'm not sure I can narrow it down to one, I love and use so many. I think distressing could be my top fave. I love to take a brand new piece of paper out of it's little plastic wrapper and give it a life and a back story. Make it feel warm and loved and look like something that has been adored, cherished and handed down to the next generation.

What is your favorite stamp?
I used to have this little skunk that I just really loved, I could put him on anything. stamped him on the back by my name a gazillion times, he had this little smirk and twinkle to his eye that you just know he was up to know good but you know how us girls love bad boys. Then one day he disapeared. I searched and searched but alas, no Skunky. Then one day I finally got fed up with my rolling chair not rolling... I found him... poor Skunky. I'm afraid I dont know the company name. I didn't keep that kind of information until I joined the Hero Arts Group.

What is your favorite crafting tool?
Oh my, it has to be my personal trimmer. I can not complete a project without it. I have a Pazzle that I love and have never been sorry I purchased. I also have loads of tools that I use often but the trimmer is used on EVERY project.

Who inspires you and why?
Why Hannah, you inspire me! I find it so wonderful that someone so young wants to express herself through art. Someone your age that is willing to share your feelings with others is a true gift. Life inspires me and Hannah you are full of life.

Thanks Linda, when I first met you and all the other HA members, I was about to give up but I know now that giving up is not the answer and I have alot to learn

What type of card/page do you make most often?
I would like to think that I make beautiful, no wait... make that magnificent..., cards and pages mostly...hehe
A great answer! but you dont need to think, I know that they ARE magnificent!

When coloring an image what is your favorite coloring utensil to use?
I have a set of watercolor crayons from Stampin Up that I just love. They are so easy to use and I get good results every time.

Upon making a mistake you... Yell, cover it up, trash it, or other?
I dont yell, I have a teeny tiny space with a lot crammed into it. Yelling would cause an avalanche. I usually try to cover it up first then see what parts I can recover. If not, trash is my only option but I am slow to throw away. It may lay on my table for a day or two, be picked up several times, turned over, talked to, fussed about a bit and even showed to BG the cat before it is tossed.

Now a word from Linda: Thank you Hannah, I find your sketches very challenging and I like to see the world through your eyes, you have come a long way since I first met you and I know you have a most wonderful journey in front of you. I hope I can continue to be a small part of that. Thank you for this honor Hannah and ENJOY! Linda aka Oz

Oz, It was Great having you on Today, and I hope you have a Great Day!


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your interview with Linda! She's a lovely person in every way and you're a lovely young woman also! Marilyn V.

Lin said...

Wonderful interview, Hannah! I enjoyed hearing about Linda!

paula said...

Woo Hoo to the both of you :D. I loved the interview with the Lovely Linda & The interviewer the lovely Hannah. Keep up the great work!!!

Heather Maria said...

Hannah loved your interview with Linda! You asked lots of great questions and I enjoyed reading Linda's answers. Great Monday feature.

Jane said...

awesome interview!!