Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So Busy

Phew I've been so busy (again) its getting hard to keep up with this blog : )
I shall start with Friday the 3rd.

Last week I did a lot of work: First I mowed my parents Lawn which is pretty big, my older brother used to do it, but doesn't have time anymore :(
Then My little sis begged to sleep outside in my tent, so we did that and almost froze,(the temp went down to 30) then after eating a late breakfast I stained her(my little sisters) entire playset till my hands were so numb I couldn't feel them and went directly to my grandparents around 6:45 at night, and alost fell asleep doing their lawn, I was so tired I went to sleep in the basement on Grandma's couch, I woke up(Sunday Morning) much refreshed but my hands still numb, and after attending church I went home and tried to relax which gets hard when their is 2 babys in the house.

Next comes Monday and I check out what the challenge will be at Hero Arts only to find out I'm not to use paper, NOT USE PAPER? boy this one will actually be quite hard because I've never stamped on anything but paper!..... But I found a wooden tray I thought would be perfect and covered it(literally) in stamps here is the finished project;

And surfing through my
Flickr group's I found a picture of some Ladys art space and liked how she hung her cards up above her area, so I was inspired to try it and Loved what came of it
I took 3 long strands of yarn and stapled it to the wall on each end and tied the access string in a double knot to secure it and hung up my cards.

Well it's Wednesday already, and I just finished mowing a neibhors lawn and I soon as I finish here, I'm going to rest then help make dinner and see who gets kicked off American Idol.
Cya Later

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