Friday, April 24, 2009

The challenge is on!

Lady's and Gent's.....I give you Paulaaaaa! aaand Hannnah! they are about to go head to head, against each other in a stamping challenge!! Who do you think will win the Judges certificate of the best stamper!

sorry had to do that : )
Paula(from Australia) and I decided to challenge our ability to stamp, using the same stamps and card sketch.
this challenge will go on for 2 weeks or more(haven't decided yet)
we will be using the CL289 Russian doll set from Hero Arts, here is one of the images...

and this is the sketch I made as well as the first one I ever made : )

I cant wait to do more it was so fun, oh and please excuse the typo error on my Sig : )

As to the challenge we will not be doing prizes, this is just challenging our skills for fun. I hope to get a Judge but have not found one as of yet, and for any others who might like to join in, please feel free to do so just let me know,(so I can post it here) all contestant's including myself should tag their work on flickr as "hpskillchallenge" no spaces, if you are following the above sketch and stamps.

Here you will see some of our other creations; you will find Paula on flickr as Pajulu and me as Hannah Nicole F

thanks for looking, and be sure to check back for more info.



bowthingys said...

ok H and P! roll up your sleeves and get to work. I think this is a fab idea. Love the sketch Hannah and I will gladly help judge if you would like. I think you should have 3 judges just like American Idol...oh wait they have 4 wait Paula Abdrool doesn't count so 3 will do. hehe Anyway, fab idea, very exciting and if you want I will help. Linda aka Oz

paula said...

Ok Hannah,
Game on lol. Always wanted to say that ;) Seriously this is going to be such fun. I am even going to put your sketch into my "Big book of" Sketches. Can you tell I get to watch a lot of 2 year old TV?

Thank you Linda for being a judge, I can see this is going to be so much fun. xoxoxo

Deborah (aka Gigi 001) said...

Good for you! I'll be a judge if you decide you still need another one(s).

Dawn said...

Go girls. Hannah, Paula is such a lovely lady. Love your sketch by the way.... I don't have the Russian dolls, but I am going to snitch the sketch for my note book and try it some time. Look forward to seeing the creations.

Anonymous said...

Wow the sketch is fantastic!!!!!!!!!

This week has been hectic - no stamping time at all... can't wait to see the cards. :)